Ventura IT

Ventura IT is one of the oldest active IT companies in the greater Los Angeles area, providing web development, web design, e-commerce, marketing, consulting, general IT services. Click here to order Los Angeles Web Design services:  Ventura IT Los Angeles area web design company.

Los Angeles Web Design Company - When Ventura IT speaks, people listen.
Los Angeles Web Design Company – When Ventura IT speaks, people listen.

Ventura IT gives it’s Los Angeles area based customers and customers around the world access to it’s more than 20 years experience in computer programming, hardware installation and repare, software installation and troubleshooting, web design, web development, mobile application design, marketing, video related services, and other high tech services. One of Ventura IT’s fortes is open source technology which allows customers to save over 50% on software and support costs. Ventura IT says “open source technology allows customers to capitalize on the most cutting edge technology that is, not only, more secure, it is more reliable and easier to use.” Web design normally done using the latest php based HTML and Adobe or GIMP based software platforms. All projects including web design, graphic design, marketing, web hosting, video editing and DCP rendering is done in-house.

Ventura IT has an impressive list of current and former customers and success stories that include Boeing, UCLA, Reebok, Hyundai, tennis star Andy Roddick, two gold record rock’n’roll bands, Olympic athletes, Ventura Film Festival, national non-profits and even the State of California. Ventura IT is generally contracted to oversee all aspects of technology including development, programming, graphic design, testing, e-commerce, marketing, and search engine optimization. Services provided by Ventura IT range from general technology consulting to web design and web development to social media marketing, search engine optimization, and mobile development.

Ventura IT specializes in web design and web development, mobile applications, and authentic social media marketing. While most social media marketers simply hire unscrupulous hackers to send fake Twitter followers to your account, Ventura IT specializes in getting real, targeted followers on Twitter and other social media like Instagram and Facebook, because only real people that are actively engaged and looking for your product, service, or information will make a difference in your bottom line.

Over the years Ventura IT has completed hundreds of successful web design and other high tech projects in the Los Angeles area as well as many for customers as far away as Europe and other locations in the United States and around the world. Ventura It is a 100% debt free Los Angeles web design company and is privately owned and operated in the United Sates. Ventura IT specializes in providing the best solution for Los Angeles companies seeking web design, web development and other IT related help for projects to be completed in a fraction of the time and cost of other domestic web development, web design, and IT companies.

Ventura IT has been in business since 1996 and prides itself in never outsourcing projects, preferring to do everything in-house, and is able to leverage the 34 years experience of it’s founder and company owner and the highly experienced programmers and developers available in Silicon Valley as well as recent graduates from Cal Tech, MIT, UCLA, Stanford, UCSB and other universities that are well known for producing the top computer science graduates.

Ventura IT prides itself in being one of the only Los Angeles web design companies that uses 100% USA based software and hardware engineers, web designers, and other personnel. Ventura IT claims that using local workers gives them the ability to complete jobs faster and with a higher quality than other web design companies who outsource to India, China, and Eastern Europe.

Customers of Ventura IT usually start the process by entering their project details on the contact form on the Ventura IT web site located at and are then provided with a flat fee estimate for their project and an estimated time for completion. The usual time to complete a project ranges from 4-10 weeks. The best way to contact Ventura IT is by using the contact form on their website.